Glenn Comis


The most motivated Game Developer of the internet.


About Me

My Biography

Ever since my parents bought me and my little brother a SNES I’ve been hooked on gaming, spending hours upon hours exploring digital worlds! I love MMO’s like Runescape, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Tibia. I also have a weak spot for pixel games that remind me of the SNES/GameBoy days. I started creating games myself to contribute in the game industry that brought me so much joy!


My Expertise


Programming in the best language that exists: C# is my passion. I’ve been working full-time with C# for the last three years now in the Unity Engine. As a student I was one of the only people to score a 10/10 on my programming finals including documentation.


Creating games started out as a hobby(side project) since I was an Application Developer student. I was working in the Unity Engine after school and work hours. I’ve been grinding in Unity ever since and the grind WILL continue.

Agile Workflow

I’m used to work on all kind of projects, using productivity tools is second nature to me. Meet me in your next Scrum session.

Creative Development

Creating mechanics, levels, animation, puzzles, you name it and I’ll make it. After spending THOUSANDS of hours in several digital worlds, I know what the player wants! Now gear up!


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